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Austin - IT Services

Backups are the key to protecting your data and your business. Everyone knows that protecting computer data is important, but how many can be completely confident that their backup systems will work when needed? The two largest contributing factors in data loss are hardware or system malfunctions and human error. Together, they account for almost 75% of all incidents. Software corruption, computer viruses and 'physical' disasters like fire and water damage make up the rest.

Like all plans, there is an ultimate goal to achieve. Disaster recovery has traditionally been associated with computing systems and data storage and recovery of data. Different than business continuity, disaster recovery is focused more on after the fact, quickly and effectively recovering from a disaster or disruption.

It is, of course, not realistic to think that you can guard against every risk. However, Cray Networks can analyze your current recovery plans and testing your plans, you can significantly reduce many of your risks, often in a very cost effective way. If your company does not have a plan in place, Cray Networks can assist you in creating one. You have an important management responsibility to safeguard company assets. Reducing your risk profile through a well thought out disaster recovery plan is an effective way to do so.